Bonsai Seedlings

To grow your bonsai seedlings effectively into bonsai trees, you need to allow them to have adequate sunlight. If they need to be grown indoors for a while, you can use neon tubes with a mixture of blue and red colors. You can bring them outdoors when the time of the year and the climatic conditions are right. You need to ensure that the temperature of the outdoors and the indoors are more or less the same when you eventually shift the bonsai seedlings outdoors. You also need to keep them under the shade to let them get used to the excess natural light.

One of the main problems with growing bonsai seedlings in a container is that the space for the roots is restricted. As a result, the long taproot will start to curl up inside the container. The foliage of the tree also mimics this behavior and start to curl up. As a principle of tree growth, when the tree has curly roots, the portion above the ground will also exhibit curly growth.

To stop the root from curling, you can cut the main taproot while the bonsai seedlings are still young. This will force them to grow lateral roots, which will ultimately get reflected in the stem and the branches above the ground as well. This will ideally result in a shorter trunk with the initial branches starting to grow much closer to the root system. This is one of the most efficient methods of growing bonsai seedlings.

An even better method of growing bonsai seedlings is to sow the tree seeds in a field and let them germinate in the open instead of in a container. Since this is the most natural method for seeds to grow, the seedlings resulting from this method would grow strong and healthy. They will also grow straight instead of curling up. The sunlight, the wind and the natural environment in which they are grown will provide them with the best possible support for healthy growth.

The roots will also grow without any hindrance whatsoever. This will result in the foliage growing straight and the development of a thick crown of foliage at the top. Moreover, when the bonsai seedlings get an adequate amount of sunlight, the growth of the plant will result in a thicker trunk with short internodes in the branches. When you follow this particular method of cultivating the bonsai seedlings, you will not have cut the tap root as you would when they are grown in a container. The roots will naturally branch off near the nebari (root) of the seedling.

You can allow the bonsai seedlings to grow in the field almost up to a year without any hindrance. The following spring, you can dig them up and cut the excessive roots. You can then comb the roots and create the desired form of nebari in the root system. You can then place the seedlings in a container for further growth. This is the very best method for cultivating bonsai seedlings when compared to the other methods discussed earlier. Seedlings grown in the field and then transported to a container after a year’s time will grow into one of the best bonsai trees eventually.

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